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Shingled cell solar modules pave way for higher outputs

Source: Solar Novus Today / GreenTech Media

In mid-2015, SunPower acquired the solar technology manufacturer Cogenra to help build a new line of modules designed with international markets in mind.

SunPower Investing ‘Significantly and Aggressively’ to Scale Cogenra’s Novel Solar Production Line

Cogenra has evolved considerably over the years, starting with hybrid PV-thermal systems, moving into low-concentrating PV, and then eventually pursuing module manufacturing using a stacking method for cells that boosts efficiency 15 percent by eliminating connective wires. Cogenra also produces single-axis trackers.

Both the tracker team and the module technology team at Cogenra are fully integrated into SunPower. The p-type multicrystalline cells and modules, called the Performance Series, are being produced at a SunPower facility in Milpitas, California.

In the case of the P-Series, the front end of production is unique. That’s where the cells are soldered on top of one another and bonded to create an interconnection. SunPower’s flexible production lines, called a Universal Modco, allow for simple integration, said Werner.

Of the 4 gigawatts of module production that SunPower plans to have on-line in 2019, 2 gigawatts will be the higher-efficiency P-Series based on Cogenra’s technology.

Source: GreenTech Media, 2015

Another firm, Solaria announced on May 26, 2016, that it has introduced its PowerXT 330Wp and 400Wp modules optimized for residential and commercial rooftops respectively– offering best-in-class efficiency for this rapidly-growing sector of the clean energy market.  Solaria’s high output modules are built on the company’s proprietary technology – which utilizes an advanced cell interconnect and module production processes.  Solaria modules significantly boost power generation while eliminating reliability challenges that can reduce conventional PV modules’ long-term performance.

To meet rapidly growing customer demand, Solaria has established a manufacturing partnership with SolarPark in Korea. This is in addition to Solaria’s module production capacity located in Fremont, California. Solaria will serve its customers in North America as well as select international markets with its high-performance PV modules from this Korean production facility.


Solar and Wind to keep getting cheaper: IRENA

Source: PHOTON

The average costs for electricity generated by solar and wind technologies could decrease by between 26% and 59% per cent by 2025, according to a report released today by Continue reading “Solar and Wind to keep getting cheaper: IRENA”

France getting serious about solar?

Source: ENGIE

According to the results of a recent survey, 50% of French households plan to fit solar panels to help meet their energy needs. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA),

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Investigation: Coal plants risk global water shortage

Source: Energy Desk | Joe Sandler Clarke

The world’s 8,359 coal power plant units consume enough water each year to meet the basic needs of one billion people.

Continue reading “Investigation: Coal plants risk global water shortage”

Siemens to buy Adwin as part of Gamesa merger ?

Source: Reuters

Siemens is prepared to buy Spanish-French wind power joint venture Adwen as part of a planned merger of its wind assets with those of Spain’s Gamesa, Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported on Tuesday.

Siemens would not be interested in acquiring Adwen if a deal with Gamesa goes ahead
Source: WindPower Monthly

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Floating Solar Farm Prepares To Power Up

Source: SkyNews | Tom Cheshire

Europe’s largest floating power station is near completion. When the £6.5m solar farm goes fully online, it will help power water treatment works on the outskirts of London.cegrab-20160322-032511-148-1-736x414

But its existence depended Continue reading “Floating Solar Farm Prepares To Power Up”

7th Edition Of ITRPV Released, Solar PV Manufacturers Still On Historic 21% Curve

Source: sustainnovate

7th Edition Of ITRPV Released, Solar PV Manufacturers Still On Historic 21% Curve
Source: ITRPV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers are still tracking along the historic 21% learning curve, going by the recently released 7th edition of the International Roadmap for Photovoltaics. Continue reading “7th Edition Of ITRPV Released, Solar PV Manufacturers Still On Historic 21% Curve”

Ivanpah’s Problems Could Signal the End of Concentrated Solar in the U.S.

Source: MIT Technology Review | Richard Martin

When it first came online in late 2013, the massive Ivanpah concentrated solar power plant in the California desert looked Continue reading “Ivanpah’s Problems Could Signal the End of Concentrated Solar in the U.S.”

China Is on an Epic Solar Power Binge

Source: MIT Technology Review | David Martin

It’s worth taking a minute to appreciate the sheer scale of what China is doing in solar right now. In 2015, the country added more than Continue reading “China Is on an Epic Solar Power Binge”

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